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Did you have any trouble installing Windows 8. The Magic “ei. It sort-of makes sense as an anti-piracy measure.
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How To Install Windows 8.1 without a Product Key

Did you have any trouble installing Windows 8. The Magic “ei. It sort-of makes sense as an anti-piracy measure. With the Windows 7 day trial, one could install Windows and have them for free.

Then, once every new moon, they could format and reinstall Windows, and no one would be the wiser. So, Microsoft decided to cut the problem off at the root. Mandatory product key equals no trial, equals no activator. Makes sense, doesn’t it? And then, they made it easy to bypass this system. And, when we say “easy,” we mean “child’s play” easy. That’s Microsoft for you. Inside, we copy and paste the following: With this ei.

We just need to get it in the Windows 8. There is the easy way and the hard way to do so. How to Install Windows 8.

We need to download a Windows 8. After that, it’s just a matter of dragging our ei. That’s it. Once ei. The installation will ask for a product key after the first automatic reboot, but there will be a handy “Skip” button. We will need a valid product key for that. In this case, we need to edit the ISO file so we can add ei. For this, we will use the day trial version of gBurner. Also, apps such as Unchecky can help to ensure a safe installation.

Finally, on the last screen after the installation, it’s a good idea to uncheck the option to associate. Once loaded, we select the “sources” folder, click on “Add” and choose the ei. After we make sure ei. It’s a good idea to choose a different name for the ISO, so we will have the clean ISO as a backup, in case something went wrong.

And that’s it. You might have noticed that the new ISO is a bit smaller than the original, even though we added a file. Apparently, gBurner does some slight data compression during the ISO creation process. This won’t matter for the Windows Installation, though. Either if we burn this ISO to a disk or use it to install a Windows virtual machine , it will work just as well. Leave us a comment. Support PCsteps Do you want to support PCsteps, so we can post high quality articles throughout the week?

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Windows 7 Pro will now be activated. The Windows 10 product keys listed on this section will also be used with unattended installations of Windows Though they re blocked on the Microsoft clearinghouse and therefore can t be used to activate any productive systems to fully working retail installations.

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