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There was closer cooperation between the CPSA and the ANC, in contrast to the antagonistic relationship between the two organisation during the s and s. Conversely, there was an increase in the harassment of political activists, as seen in the Sedition Trial of that lasted two years. In the elections, the National Party seized power and began to set in motion plans to implement apartheid.

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The act provides for the compulsory registration of White voters only. It extends the law for two years but makes some concessions based on the Feetham Commission report, providing slight security for the richer Indians.

The first Alexandra Bus Boycott takes place in Alexandra TownshipJohannesburg, with commuters forcing bus companies to reduce their bus fare by one penny.

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William H. Yusuf Dadoo. However, the meeting ends in failure.

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However, this stance is ironic, since Kajee in gave a similar assurance to the Natal Municipal Association. It agrees to fight pro-Nazi white nationalists at white single guys around johannesburg and begins to agitate amongst the black community for full democratic rights.

Broome, is appointed to investigate and report on the extent of Indian residential and trading penetration of predominantly White areas in the Transvaal and Natal since 1 January It is later renamed the Native Military Corps.

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The Indian Service Corps is formed to provide transport, medical, hygiene and ambulance services in support of the South African Second World War effort.

Christopher, P. Pather, S. Naidoo and S. Rustomjee, each of whom spent ten hours daily in assisting the recruiting programme.

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Yusuf Dadoo makes a statement before the court at his trial under emergency regulations. He highlights several issues affecting non European people such as pass laws, poll tax, segregation and the white labour policy. December, The AAC convenes with sixty delegates.

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