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Im Internet gibt es zunehmend mehr Singlebörsen für Studenten sowie weitere Möglichkeiten, Freunde zu finden und zu flirten. Besonders für Erstsemester bieten Studentenpartys und Sportangebote der Hochschule vielfältige Gelegenheiten, Menschen kennenzulernen und Freunde zu finden.

Fax: Online advice Alongside a personal counselling session, you can also send questions relating to counselling to the PCS team. We ask you to log in using your username and password. This is important for your security. In doing so, no information is sent as an email, but rather deposited directly in an individual post box. This provides maximum security and anonymity.


Please click on the following link for online counselling: www. But sometimes this dating norderstedt turns into a real burden, which in turn demotivates you and gives you the feeling that you're no longer cut out for uni work.

Anybody who has developed behaviour or thinking patterns which hinder their work, like perfectionistic tendencies or putting off unpleasant work, studenten singles heidelberg benefit from continual support and counselling.

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In a coaching group for students, it quickly becomes clear that you're not the only one who is experiencing difficulties. Using a clear plan, you can help each other get back on track and move forwards.

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The aim is to find a good work-life balance, which is often a real problem, so that you can combine an effective working strategy with a better quality of life. The coaching group for students is lead by the qualified psychologist Marie Faber. Sessions take place once a week and participation is free.

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If you're interested, please contact the PCS office Tel. Tips for self-help Dealing with exams The causes of exam stress can vary from person to person, but there are still some general rules which make it easier for you to prepare effectively for pending exams and to manage exam stress.

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Twelve rules to deal with exams effectively and confidently Independent learning A degree course means a lot of freedom, studenten singles heidelberg requires independent and targeted learning.

This guide gives you concrete tips and guidelines on how to effectively structure how you study during your degree.