Single konzert zürich. «Konzertliebe»: Männer sind Mangelware und Frauen kommen auf die Warteliste

September bin ich zusammen mit etwa anderen Fans ins Hallenstadion Zürich gepilgert um Depeche Mode nach deren langer Abstinenz wieder einmal live erleben zu dürfen. Die Stimmung war zum zerreissen nahe als pünktlich um

Mega Moment Samu, Dec. What a Monday. One I will never forget. First of all, thank you for sharing this moment with us online and in Helsinki at Clarion Hotel.

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But it surprised me how well you took it. The reaction was exactly like the band rehearsals and video shoots have been the last months. Full of sorrow and confusion, partnersuche bietigheim-bissingen still all coated with pure love and accepting what is.

The best thing single konzert zürich all this is that the other band guys understand me and that we are in this together. I would have understood a NO.

Going out one more time means the world to me. Ending something this amazing without a proper goodbye, without doing it with you all, would have been wrong.


Writing these lines now on my home sofa, my heart feels more peaceful. I know that I am following the right path and making the choices that are leading me where I want to go. I feel sad and also a bit tired in this sea of emotions, but in the middle of the whole cocktail it all feels right.

single konzert zürich

And I also feel quilt. This band has been a massive part of identity, life, and routines to all band members, our team around us and to many others too.

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To clear my head yesterday after a long day, I went to an Ice Hockey game. For my surprise, every second hockey fan, both teams, came to me on the breaks congratulating me for the big decision wishing me and us luck in life and hoping for a final mega moment together next summer. Then this obviously grandfather came to me with his grandson.

single konzert zürich

After the game I was also brave enough to read all the hundreds of messages from everyone and I also sat down a couple of hours alone reading all your comments and stuff on social media. I was shocked how full of love they were.

single konzert zürich

Thank you all for your kind and beautiful words and you can all be proud of yourselves of how smart and loving you think. What you wrote and said felt like a miracle.

In the hardest moments in life you face the biggest questions.

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It never feels fair. And if you find the strength to follow your heart, it might take you where you truly want to go. Thank you again angels around me for helping me hear what needs to be heard.


And thank you for standing behind me when I had my weak moment. I know summer with Sunrise Avenue will be beyond beautiful. This masterpiece that we have created together with you all will see its most amazing moments so far.

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This sofa in Single konzert zürich is full of love right now. Because you also deserve it single konzert zürich our final steps together.