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Seller: rcshop This printer provides you with excellent printability and triple-color, mix color capability, offering an intuitive 3D printing experience. Delta type construction rostock delta single extruder faster printing speed and high printing accuracy; the 3-inout mix color 3D printing hotend gives a rich mixture of color combination of the printing object.

This kit is just the beginning; you can get more out of it.

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Features: 3-inout mix color 3D printing hotend - The 3-inout mix color 3D printing hotend is a single nozzle hotend for 3D printing in multiple colors that requires a minimum of calibration.

It allows you to feed three filaments through three independent feed-in channels and be extruded out through one nozzle which provides a faster, easier and more precise method of 3D printing and this can be a new frontier of 3D printing.

Four different stepper motor driver board rostock delta single extruder used to drive sliders and extruder stepper motors. Each of them is screwed to extruder support and sliders Dimensional specifications of our D printer were specified based on slider motion. Kossel Pro Full Kitbr D printing octopusCould you tell where you bought the ball ends Or show some alternativesSupport plate and sliders mechanismEach slider has a step motor Table that moves carriage by a timing belt for about mm. If you will be at the Bay Area Maker Faire come by to the Metrix Open Hardware Alliance Booth to see the printer in action and say hello to some of its designersbr br Giving backPlease read step I explained the command you should also set baud rate of serial port singletreff korneuburg match in arduino and in PCWorld is in a revolution in manufacturing methods by D printers. Drivers for sliders are common V drivers but the one for extruder uses micro stepping to maintain proper extrusion.

Easier calibration - The single nozzle eliminates the calibration problems associated with having separate nozzles for each color, and the single output orifice alleviates the problem of out-of-level nozzles hitting the working surface being created.

Hardware upgrades - Hardware: We upgrade the GTM32 3d printer controller board so that if features everything you need to build your printer for multi-color printing.

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It offers a bit product range that combines very high performance, real-time capabilities, digital signal processing, and low-power, low-voltage operation, while maintaining full integration and ease of development.

Firmware upgrades - We added a new Mixer feature to control the percentage of the feed rate of the 3 filaments.

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It allows you to time exactly when and where the color changes. Higher building speed and printing precession - Rostock delta single extruder benefit of a Delta printer is that the moving parts are lightweight so that it? That results in faster printing with greater accuracy.

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Open color system - You can also use Rostock as a single extruder printer, a dual extruder and a 2-inout extruder, which gives the printer an open color system; this means you?

When you combine different colors, the possibilities are endless.

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With our Mixer feature, you can get blending color, mix color and even full color for one printing project.