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Who knows anything about that guy? He could be Batman for all we know.

jon hamm richard dating show

His name came from the midwife misunderstanding the mother's last mumbled words: she wanted to "boil [Archie's] dick off". He was subsequently taken in by his biological father Archibald "Archie" Whitman and stepmother Abigail.

When he was ten years old, his biological father was killed by a spooked horse that kicked him in the face during an electrical storm; Dick was a witness to this.

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Subsequently, Abigail, Dick and his half-brother Adam moved to western Pennsylvania described by Draper as "coal country" and were raised by Abigail and a jon hamm richard dating show referred to as "Uncle Mac. Abigail, meanwhile, made no effort to conceal Dick's past from him and referred to him as a "whore child.

When Adam seeks Don out, Don rebuffs his attempt and walks away. When Don later decides to speak to and possibly reconcile with his younger brother, he discovers that Adam has hanged himself.

jon hamm richard dating show

Korean War When Dick was in his early 20s, [5] he enlisted in the U. Army - he mentioned that he "ran away" to do so - and was sent to serve in the Korean War. He was put under the command of a Lieutenant Donald Draper, an engineer [3] who was in charge of building a field hospital with only Whitman to assist him. The two men were fired upon by enemy artillery and small arms fire; this leads to Lt.

jon hamm richard dating show

Draper being killed by a gasoline explosion, accidentally caused by Whitman, mangling his body beyond recognition. Seeing this, Whitman removed Lt. Draper's dog tags, switching them with his own.

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Whitman, now believed to be Draper, awakens in the hospital, and is awarded the Purple Heart. He is then sent home with Lt. Draper's coffin now believed to be Whitman's to offer the Army's regrets to Whitman's survivors.

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He avoids meeting the Whitmans at the train station, but is spotted by Adam. Whitman makes his escape and begins his life as Don Draper.

jon hamm richard dating show

Life as "Don Draper" Draper is working as a used car salesman when he is tracked down by Anna Draper, the real Draper's widow. The two become close friends, though their contact is limited after Draper meets and marries Betty Hofstadt.

jon hamm richard dating show

After securing a legal divorce, he continues to support Anna, a piano teacher, financially. Their relationship evolves from confrontational to more supportive, and Don visits her during a trip to California for a few weeks in the later part of the second season to help clear his head.

Don was deeply attached to Anna and regarded her as his closest confidante, regarding her as the only one who truly knows him, as they develop a brother-sister relationship. Anna dies of cancer in Season 4, which devastates Don. Not many details have been provided as to how Don Draper became the creative director at Sterling Cooper.

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For some time, Draper was a used car salesman, and he was a salesman at a fur company and attended City College in New York City at night, though in Season 4 he reveals he did not finish high school.

It was at this job that he met his future wife, Betty, who was working as a model at the time and did a photo shoot for the company.

jon hamm richard dating show

Roger Sterling claims that he "discovered" Draper in this job, and brought him to work at Sterling Cooper. In actuality, Don convinced Roger to share drinks and Roger became very drunk.

The next day, Männliche Dating-Site für ernsthafte Beziehung reports to work jon hamm richard dating show Sterling Cooper, explaining to Roger that he was "welcomed aboard" to have a job at Sterling Cooper.

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Roger, having been jon hamm richard dating show drunk, has no recollection and does not dispute Don's word, thus Don's account cannot be called into question.