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Den 44 3. Please Contact Us by Email or Phone for more information.

Sale or no sale? If this is your question too, we have the right answer: media plan is an independent, owner-managed, full service media agency with three locations Baden-Baden, Munich, Berlin from which we employ our creativity and market know-how to consistently position your brand and product so they reach your target group.

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Within this context we see ourselves as the member of your team who can effectively link you and the media. To achieve this, we not only draw on our more than 20 years of experience but also rely on our international network, which time and again provides creative stimuli for strategic orientation in a constantly evolving market.

Statistics, ROI-based options for optimum results or readjustment and refinancing: We know that after successfully placing your message, our real task is only just beginning.

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Whether here, or in any of the other important media channels TV, radio, online, print, out of homeour passion drives us to provide you with top performance.

To reach your target customers, you need to know them perfectly and understand what drives them.

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This is why we place such great importance on our personal contact with you, to realize your wishes as precisely as possible. Our credo: As simple as necessary, as effective as possible.

We handle your budget and your brand with the greatest integrity and confidently lead you where you want to go: right into the heart of your target group.

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TV, print, out of home, radio or online: The classic media continue is common still dating regina hall play a crucial role within the integrated media mix.

We see it as our task to link offline contacts, either within a mix or monomedially, with the digital world. Here it is important to optimally tap into all the synergy potentials offered by the different channels and to implement them in a coherent manner.

We pick up your target group in a relevant phase of the customer journey by harmonizing all relevant offline channels with the digital medium.

Together we will slice, cook, and eat. You will also have the opportunity to try our is common still dating regina hall printing on a shirt or bag with our mobile printing station. They will present the results of their work in these talks. Wie finden experimentelle, partizipative Formate ihren Platz neben Schützenfest und Karnevalsverein? In diesem Workshop für Menschen mit und ohne physische Behinderungen, mit Rollstühlen oder Prothesen als Erweiterungen des Körpers, bewegen wir uns in einen Tanz partnersuche arnstadt, in dem die Energie einer Bewegung wichtiger wird als ihre Form.

Search SEA, SEOdisplay advertising or performance advertising, social media, video advertising, mobile advertising, retargeting or usability and user interface optimization: we intelligently deploy all these possibilities at both the right moment and the right location.

Integrated media planning also means advertising needs to be designed as broadly as possible, yet remain targeted and efficient.

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With geomarketing, we offer various instruments to ensure exactly that. Here, planning and managing locations e. Clearly, integrated media planning has to be learned.

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We at Media Plan have done research in the market and are constantly extending our know-how. And whenever the market reacts, we are already prepared.

This provides you and us with decisive advantages in a highly competitive environment. Working together, we can generate a fascinating market experience, one that triggers curiosity and creates purchasing impulses.

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